Top Therapy Questions: Ask These Before You Start

Videos & Answers to the Most Common Questions We Get About Therapy & Counseling at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy

Scroll through the videos in this playlist, or find a relevant question, below, and click on it to view the video:
  1. How does therapy work at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy?
  2. What does couples therapy really look like?
  3. Finding the Right Therapist
  4. Have you had a traumatic experience?
  5. How do I find a romantic partner? Can therapy help?
  6. Who is Therapy For?
  7. Why do I care so much about what other people think?
  8. How is self-compassion or self-love different from self-esteem?
  9. Am I needy? How do I not be perceived as needy?
  10. How do you Work with Anger in Therapy?
  11. Depression and Sadness: What’s the Difference?
  12. What is Intuition?
  13. How Does Therapy Help Alleviate Anxiety?
  14. What is Somatic Experiencing?
  15. Is Marriage Counseling or Therapy Really Effective?
  16. What’s the Difference Between Empathy and Sympathy?
  17. Learning to Love Yourself
  18. Why are Emotions Important?
  19. Group Therapy: What is it? Is it a good fit for me?
  20. How Does Therapy Work with the Present Moment?
  21. Keys to a Happy Marriage Beyond Marriage Counseling
  22. I don’t want to talk about the past—can therapy work for me?
  23. Is therapy just an excuse to complain?
  24. How does prior trauma impact a couple’s relationship?
  25. Therapy for Better Sleep: Quick Tips to Sleep Well
  26. How does Couples Therapy Work? How is it Based on Attachment Theory?
  27. How do I Stop Overeating?
  28. What does effective therapy look like?
  29. Why do I Feel so Exhausted? Who am I?
  30. What does Attachment Theory Therapy look like?
  31. Parental Advice: When Your Child Throws a Tantrum
  32. What is it like to be a therapist?
  33. Should I Work on Myself Before Finding a Romantic Partner?
  34. Our Fresh Approach to Therapy
  35. Relating to Others: The 4 Simple Defenses
  36. What my ideal therapy client looks like
  37. How do I bond with my baby as a new mother?
  38. What is mindfulness and how does it change the brain?
  39. How do we heal one another in a marriage and partnership?
  40. Why do we feel shame?
  41. Learning Self-Talk & Self-Soothing
  42. What does emotional health look like and how does therapy help?
  43. The Psychology of Pregnancy–Opportunities for Growth & Therapy During Pregnancy
  44. Compromise vs. Negotiation in Couples Counseling
  45. How do I relax?  How does therapy teach me to relax?
  46. Therapy Can Lead to More Motivation. How do I Stop Procrastinating?
  47. Parental Therapy: Raising a Rebellious Teenager
  48. Marriage & Couples: How to Fight Productively
  49. Changing the Brain: the Important Role of Feeling Your Feelings
  50. Parenting Advice: Raising a Defiant Child
  51. What is Codependency?
  52. Falling In — a song by therapist Tori Olds
  53. The Most Common Mistake with Self-Care
  54. How to Help Your Child Succeed Academically in 2020 (and beyond)
  55. Coping with Loneliness this Holiday Season
  56. Should I try teletherapy?
  57. Three Secrets to New Years Resolutions that Last

Deciding about psychotherapy or counseling services in Austin, TX can be a challenging decision. Finding a therapist that you can comfortably form a meaningful relationship with is important. Deep Eddy Psychotherapy values the relationships it builds with every single client. Above, we’ve taken the time to answer many of the most common questions we get about therapy, marriage counseling, the healing process, and personal growth.

If you still have questions, or you’d like to schedule a session with one of our therapists, please use the links at the bottom of the page to reach out. Therapy has proven to be an effective and valuable part of our clients’ lives. We look forward to hearing from you.

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