Master’s Internship

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No Longer Accepting Applications for Fall 2024 to Spring 2025 Cohort.

Program Overview

Our Master’s Internship Program is designed to run for 2 semesters (Fall through Spring Only) and give the opportunity to get hands-on clinical experience in a private practice setting. Deep Eddy strives to help graduate students become the best versions of themselves – personally and professionally – as they promote the wellbeing of our fellow Texans through outstanding service.

Why We Created This Program

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy values community, diversity, personal growth, and excellence in the care we provide each other and our clients.

We decided to create this program out of popular demand from our therapists.  So many of us have a heart for training and mentorship, and are honored to be able to give back to our field by offering supervision experiences that are positive, formative, and even transformative.


Top 5 Reasons to Consider Deep Eddy

  1. Prestigious organization known for excellence and training
  2. Flexible schedule based on your training needs and availability
  3. High level of support from supervisors and clinical community
  4. Wide range of client identities and services (individual, couples, groups)
  5. Opportunities for continued employment as an LPC-A or LMSW, (LMFT coming soon)

Master’s Internship Program 

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy’s Master’s Internship program is designed to offer outstanding training, mentorship, and clinical experience in a private practice setting.  We offer cutting-edge training in depth-oriented interventions for people from all walks of life and across the lifespan.  Our team of expert psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and counselors are here to provide mentorship, technical training, and guidance in therapy for individuals, couples, and groups.  We also offer opportunities for providing comprehensive assessments (doctoral students only) through our new and developing assessment program.

 Week at a Glance

Your schedule can be flexible to fit with your coursework and we estimate 20 hours per week (Direct and Indirect total; Adjustable based on university program requirements). 

Your Week Will Include
8-12 direct hours with clients 

*Individual therapy for clients of all ages

*Couples Counseling and Group therapy (pending fit and availability)

8-12 indirect hours 

*1 hour of individual supervision

*1 hour of peer group supervision

*Notes and Administrative tasks

*Other Tasks as Assigned by Your Supervisor 

              *Optional Consultation groups 

              *Optional Bimonthly Practice-wide training

              *Optional Community Outreach

              *Optional Clinician Support Groups 

Our Ideal Applicant

First and foremost, our ideal applicant has a growth mindset.  It is so important to be open to feedback, willing to try something new, and learn through supervised experience.  We are also particularly interested in applicants who are interested in working with clients in the here-and-now, using mindfulness, somatic approaches, or experiential forms of therapy.  Deep Eddy Psychotherapy is home to internationally recognized experts in the practice of depth-oriented psychotherapy and group therapy, and we tend to attract people who are looking to expand their skills in those areas. 

Our ideal applicant is also interested in being a part of our community.  One of the best parts about working in a group practice is not being on your own.  Our practice excels at what we do in part because of our support system of colleagues and friends and focus on community and connectedness. We hope you get to experience that during your internship and make Deep Eddy your long-term home.

Our practice is growing in response to demand for high-quality therapy.  So, we hope to invest in clinicians who are interested in staying with us, possibly for their associate (LPC Associate or LMSW), doctoral internship and or postdoc years.

We are also hoping to recruit more therapists who work with kids, teens, and couples, as we often are too full to meet the demand for those services in our community.

Application Instructions

Please email materials to our Director of Master’s Internship, Matt Halvorson, at [email protected]

Your application should include:

  1. Letter of interest that explains your interest in Deep Eddy and why our program is a good fit for your goals
  2. Your CV or resume detailing your relevant experience and qualifications
  3. 2-3 references Completed letters of recommendation preferred
  4. A 10-minute mock therapy video of you doing demo therapy with a friend or colleague so we can get a sense of your therapeutic presence, empathy, and style (please upload to YouTube and send us the link!)


*Please note that if you plan to do a screen recording (e.g., a Zoom therapy session), please set it to the “Gallery” view so that we can see you and your friend/colleague at the same time.  Also, if you film this in-person, please try to set the camera in a place where we can see your face and body language clearly. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact us at the email address above. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the Master’s Internship?

We accept applications from students who are currently enrolled in a graduate helping field program leading toward practicing therapy. This includes Masters in Counseling, Masters in Psychology, Masters in Educational Psychology, Masters in Social Work (and other similar degrees). This also includes PhD or PsyD in Clinical Psychology who are looking for experiential learning before their official Doctoral Internship (Note: If this description doesn’t quite fit your needs, we also have a Doctoral Practicum program and Doctoral Internship program that may be a fit for you).

My program requires me to complete a practicum, internship I and internship II. Can I complete all 3 requirements at Deep Eddy? 

Due to our the current systems in place and available supports at Deep Eddy, we encourage all students to complete their practicum experience at another site and apply to Deep Eddy for Internship I and II. We prioritize applicants who have previous clinical experience as that best matches the developmentally appropriate training that we can provide here. That said, some applicants have previous work or volunteer experience that can substitute for the clinical prerequisites we are looking for. You are free to submit an application and our team will review your letter of interest and mock therapy session to determine fit with us.

My timeline to start an internship is in the Spring or Summer. Can I start early with Deep Eddy? 

Unfortunately, no; we currently run our program over two semesters annually (fall–spring) and only have one start time per year in order to create a cohort feel for our interns/externs. If that changes in the future, we will post that change on this page.

It is important to me that I reach my hours requirements. How long will it take for me to get a full caseload with Deep Eddy?

I wish we could give a specific answer but it depends on a lot of factors. It typically takes a few weeks to fill up caseloads so your first few weeks will have more indirect than direct hours.  While it is not a requirement, interns who offer in-person and/or evening availability tend to fill up faster than those who do not. If you have a specific hours requirement for your program, you can expect to be in ongoing discussion with your supervisor, program director, and our scheduling team to brainstorm how to set up your schedule for success.

Have more questions? Email us at [email protected]