Executive Counseling & Coaching

Executives & Leaders

We know you hold so much and it is difficult to switch gears and think about your own needs–or especially to let someone else help you meet those needs. It takes a lot of courage, and that nearly impossible feat of making time, but often you hit a place where you know you could use relief and you are ready to invest in yourself.  We’d be glad to support you.

We found ourselves working so often with executives and other leaders in the community, and discovering similar patterns in what they are needing, that it became one of our specialties.  We highly value helping people who have an impact on the larger community so that our contribution has a larger reach.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is your ticket to optimal leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Coaching can help you:

  • Gain confidence as a leader
  • Solve complex and large scale business issues
  • Organize your vision for growth
  • Take your organization to the next level

Deep Eddy’s Business & Career Coach, Daphne Myers, specializes in executive work and understands the importance of clear goals and prioritization.  Daphne’s work history speaks for itself – co-founding a national magazine, creating an international film production company, luxury brand consultation, and event producer for people like Oprah and other celebrity billionaires.

Coaching is a service provided by a coach, not a mental health professional.  If relationship issues, stress, or focus impact your ability to lead well, then Executive Counseling may be a better fit.

What is Executive Counseling?

Similar to executive coaching, we can help you navigate work relationships and leadership decisions and dynamics if you want that to be the focus of your work.  Unlike executive coaching, however, executive counseling can also address these areas much more deeply if you’d like–diving into what is behind the problematic dynamics or relationships and how you uniquely process stress and other feelings.

Many times the leaders we work with are somewhat disconnected emotionally because of the demands they face and the need to protect against overwhelm and facilitate efficiency.  Others too often get triggered and allow irrational feelings to run the show.  We’ve found that the most effective decision-making and leadership, especially because it is relational, involves emotional intelligence and access to your full self–a healthy balance of head and heart.  We can provide the space to meaningfully explore who you are and what you want out of life, both at work and at home.

The underlying heartache that brings you in may not have to do with work.  Maybe you’d like to focus on your family relationships, parenting, love life, sense of purpose, or a recent loss.  Understanding your busy career and how that interacts with these other important areas of your life will help us navigate the issues.  We’ll look forward to supporting you in healing the aspects of your life needed to feel more free and fulfilled.

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