Our Values

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy is a place of healing, growth, and transformation.  

We strive to better ourselves and live more in accordance with our values.

We acknowledge that our humanity makes us imperfect.  We recognize that we do not always live up to our own expectations.  Nonetheless, we aspire to be more, do better, and further the change we hope to see in the world.  

These are some of our primary values:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy places high value on compassion, supportive community, authenticity, and the healing power of connection and belonging.  The racial injustices that BIPOC communities continually face show how far we have to go in making these ideals a reality for all.  We acknowledge that BIPOC communities have been harmed by the field of psychology and counseling, and have also been underserved by our field.  We are committed to the internal and community work needed to change that.  We know that the effects of minority stress and racial trauma are severe and deserve care and healing.  We recognize that the mission of dismantling racism and White supremacy calls for each of us to be willing to change and grow.  

Excellence in Service

Our practice has been in operation for more than three decades, serving thousands of clients with our excellent therapists and support team.  Deep Eddy Psychotherapy recruits and hires individuals who help embody our values and uphold our reputation of therapeutic excellence.  Our clients should have the best possible therapy experience we can offer – they deserve nothing less.  In order to live up to this value, our team engages in regular continuing education and professional and personal development.  We strive to create space for learning from one another, making mistakes together, and embracing change.  

Connectedness and Community

The best part about working at our practice is the sense of belonging, community, and connectedness our team shares.  We believe that the more we can rely on and take care of one another, the better we will be at taking care of our community.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity of our team working from home, the distance of remote work has been isolating (despite our Zoom parties).  We are excited to make up for lost time and nurture our felt sense of deep connection and support.  

Other things we care about:

  • Taking care of the environment and minimizing harm to our planet
  • Access to education and information for all, especially regarding psychological science
  • Peace, harmony, and an end to violence and warfare
  • Belonging, connection, and self-compassion
  • The inherent worth of each human life and the journey we take together 
  • Love for people of all walks of life, worldviews, faiths, identities, and beliefs

Do you share our values?  Consider joining the community.

Follow this link to learn about what it’s like to work at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy and how to apply.