Therapy for Young Adults

We get it. 

We know that being a young adult is not easy. You deal with a lot of stuff, like school, friends, family, and your own feelings.

Oh, and not to mention the realities of climate change, unhelpful government leadership, and living through historical events on what feels like a daily basis.

Sometimes, it can get overwhelming and you might need some help. That’s where Deep Eddy comes in.

We are a team of therapists who specialize in working with young adults like you. We know how to help you deal with whatever you are going through, whether it’s depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, or anything else. We use the best methods that are proven to work, such as CBT, DBT, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing.

We are not here to judge you or tell you what to do. We are here to listen to you and support you. We will work with you to find out what you want and need, and to make a plan that fits your life. We will also teach you some skills and tips to help you cope better and feel happier.

We want you to live your best life. No matter what you are facing, we are here for you. Just give us a call and we will set up a free consultation to see how we can help you.


Reasons You Should Go to Therapy

Some of you might be wondering, why should I go to therapy? What’s the point of talking to a stranger about my problems?

Well, if any of the following are true for you, you should probably give therapy a try:

  • You feel concerned about something you’re doing or feeling. Maybe you have a habit that you want to change, like smoking, drinking, or binge eating. Maybe you have thoughts that scare you, like hurting yourself or others. Maybe you have feelings that confuse you, like anger, guilt, or shame. Whatever it is, therapy can help you understand what’s going on and how to cope with it.
  • Your emotions feel out of control. You might feel sad, anxious, angry, or numb most of the time. You might have trouble sleeping, eating, or concentrating. You might cry a lot, lash out at people, or isolate yourself. These are signs that your emotions are affecting your health and well-being. Therapy can help you learn how to regulate your emotions and express them in healthy ways.
  • You’re having mood swings that are unexpected or beyond your control. You might feel happy one minute and depressed the next. You might feel energetic one day and exhausted the next. You might feel confident one moment and insecure the next. These are signs that you might have a mood disorder, such as bipolar disorder or cyclothymia. Therapy can help you get a proper diagnosis and treatment for your condition.
  • You’ve tried working things out on your own, but you are still struggling. Sometimes, we think we can handle everything by ourselves. We read self-help books, watch motivational videos, or follow advice from friends and family. But sometimes, these things are not enough. We need professional help to get to the root of our issues and find lasting solutions. Therapy can provide that help.
  • Your friends or loved ones have suggested that you see a therapist. Sometimes, we don’t realize how much our problems affect us and others around us. We might think we’re fine, but our friends or family might notice that we’re not. They might see changes in our behavior, mood, or appearance that worry them. They might hear us say things that alarm them. They might feel helpless or frustrated with us. If someone you care about has suggested that you see a therapist, don’t take it as an insult or a criticism. Take it as a sign of love and concern. They want you to be happy and healthy, and so do we.

These are just some of the reasons why young adults should go to therapy. There are many more reasons that are specific to each person and situation. The bottom line is: if you’re feeling stuck, unhappy, or overwhelmed with anything in your life, therapy can help you get unstuck, happier, and more in control.

If you’re interested in trying therapy, we’re here for you. Deep Eddy Psychotherapy specializes in working with young adults like you. We offer flexible hours, affordable rates, and online sessions. You can contact us anytime to schedule a free consultation and find out how we can help you.

Ready to get started?