Doctoral Internship

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Our Values 

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy values community, diversity, personal growth, and excellence in the care we provide each other and our clients.  Our Psychology Internship strives to help our team members become the best versions of themselves – personally and professionally – as they promote the wellbeing of our fellow Texans through outstanding service. 

We also have a Postdoctoral Fellowship!  Learn more here.

Doctoral Internship Program

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy’s doctoral internship program provides the ultimate private practice capstone experience for your graduate training.  

Our program specifically works as an onramp for our Post-doctoral Fellowship – if the internship goes well, we’ll want to keep you!

We offer cutting-edge training in depth-oriented interventions for people across the lifespan.  Our team of expert psychologists is here to provide mentorship, technical training, and guidance in therapy for individuals, couples, and groups.  We also offer opportunities for providing comprehensive assessments through our new and developing assessment program.

Our cohort model creates connection and support as you make the final steps towards licensure.  We ensure that all fellows meet all licensure requirements for practicing psychology in the state of Texas.

We will be accepting applicants for:

  • Child and Adolescent Emphasis Positions
  • Couples Therapy Emphasis Positions
  • Group Therapy Emphasis Positions
  • Assessment Emphasis Positions
  • Generalist Positions

Interns who apply to the emphasis positions will be given priority for new client referrals in that domain.  We pair you with a supervisor who specializes in that emphasis.  Additionally, our current team members will be offering training and education opportunities in line with the emphases applied for.  

These emphases are not restrictive in any way. An intern with the Child and Adolescent emphasis, for instance, could still see adults and couples. Emphases provide you with opportunities for focused clinical growth as you prepare to enter the field.  

Our Ideal Applicant

Our practice is growing in response to demand for high-quality therapy.  So, we hope to invest in clinicians who are interested in staying with us in Austin after their Internship and Postdoc years (if it feels like a good fit).  One of the best parts about working here is our sense of community and connectedness.  Our practice excels at what we do in part because of our support system of colleagues and friends. We hope you get to experience that during the internship and postdoctoral year and make Austin, TX and Deep Eddy your long-term home. 

We are particularly interested in applicants who are open to working with clients in the here-and-now, using mindfulness, somatic approaches, or experiential forms of therapy.  Deep Eddy Psychotherapy is home to internationally recognized experts in the practice of depth-oriented psychotherapy and group therapy, and we tend to attract people who are looking to expand their skills in those areas.  

We are also hoping to recruit more predoctoral interns who work with kids, teens, and couples, as we often are too full to meet the demand for those services in our community.

Doctoral Internship Application Instructions

Your application should include:

  1. Letter of interest or cover letter that explains your interest and why you feel we’d be a good fit
  2. Your CV
  3. 2-3 references (contact info and/or letters of rec) from direct supervisors or program directors
  4. A 10-minute demo video* of you doing therapy with a friend or colleague so we can get a sense of your therapeutic presence, empathy, and style
*Please note that if you plan to do a screen recording (e.g., a Zoom therapy session), please set it to the “Gallery” view so that we can see you and your friend/colleague at the same time.  Also, if you film this in-person, please try to set the camera in a place where we can see your face and body language clearly.  

Please email materials to our interim Internship Training Director, Dr. Kyler Shumway, at [email protected].

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact our COO, Rachel Villareal ([email protected]) or our CEO, Dr. Kyler Shumway ([email protected]).  Dr. Shumway completed the Postdoctoral Fellowship here at Deep Eddy and even made a video (see postdoc page) while in the program to help applicants learn more about what we have to offer.  You can view our Doctoral Internship Program Policies here and our Doctoral Internship Brochure here.