Meet Our Life Coaches

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy is excited to offer Life Coaching for people who want to supplement their therapy work, get specific skills training, and or have an accountability partner to help them towards their goals.  Coaching is an excellent way to boost your personal growth journey with the help of a qualified professional dedicated to helping you improve your life.  

What’s the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy?

Life coaching is different from psychotherapy.  Therapy is all about treating mental health issues, improving your wellbeing, and providing healing and transformation.  Coaching is about helping you learn skills, work towards life goals, and improve your life.  Coaching is provided by coaches, but therapy can only be provided by mental health professionals (e.g., licensed therapists, psychologists, counselors).

About Our Coaches

Deep Eddy’s coaches are certified, vetted, and amazing at what they do.  Individual coaching sessions are $250, company team coaching sessions are $380.  Assessment, group training, and other services available and quoted on a per project basis.  

Read on to learn more about them, or contact us today to get started!

Daphne Myers

Business & Career Coach

Robert Lewis, LPC

Leadership, Professional & Life Coaching