Stress Management

Modern life can be incredibly stressful!  How can we be successful in this fast-paced world with minimal stress?

While some stress is a part of life, as we all have times that too much hits us at once, we don’t want to LIVE in stress.  Chronic stress affects our health–blood pressure, immune system, life expectancy–and, of course, life satisfaction and contentment!

Sometimes we just need to discover personalized coping mechanisms and stress management skills to help us handle all we carry logistically and emotionally. Other times it takes developing a new perspective to allow us to have inner calm in the storm while accomplishing just as much.  And sometimes we need help envisioning a larger life change because our stressful lifestyle or job is not fulfilling and yet we feel trapped.  We’d be glad to help you on your journey to freedom from chronic stress.

Forms of Stress

Sometimes stress looks like heightened irritation, impatience, or anger.  Sometimes it appears as headaches or migraines.  Sometimes stress causes irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive issues.  Sometimes it leads to anxiety and panic attacks.  Chronic stress can also just make us feel dead inside or not ourselves.

Part of the journey out of stress is actually like a rescue mission for your true self.  Reconnecting with  who you actually are, what you value, and what you want out of life.  Awareness of how stress manifests for you and a desire to reclaim your life is the first step.  We can help you navigate the journey to a more peaceful, successful life.

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