Daphne Myers

Daphne Myers

Business & Career Coach

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

What I Can Help With

  • Creating your unique career path – You are a one-of-a-kind being, so rather than trying to fit into a pre established professional role, you can create one that allows your unique combination of gifts, skills and life values to shine. Explore your external needs and your internal vision and create a road map with short term and long-term goals to create an integrated, joyful and fulfilling career.
  • Career transition – Create the future you are made for. Whether you are changing jobs, wanting to start a company or just sold your last venture, career transitions can call your self-identity and current lifestyle into question. This is a perfect time to get to know yourself in the present moment and make decisions that  support the whole of who you are, your life vision and values. 
  • Wellbeing Feel your best, do your best, be your best. When you care for your whole being, you can take inspired action which leads you closer to the life you are made for. From life beliefs to daily habits, you can build a lifestyle that brings out your best. 
  • Communication – This is how we cultivate connection with others, whether it is through public speaking, building relationships or leading teams. Awareness of how you are perceived as well as how you feel while you are communicating allows you to get your message across effectively and authentically. 
  • Time Management – Accomplish more with less effort; create a schedule that optimizes your goals, productivity and lifestyle.
  • Stress and Mindfulness – Reclaim your productivity, creativity and focus; feel anchored in yourself with techniques to get you closer to a calm, clear and centered state. 
  • Executive Fundamentals – Carve your place, clarify you identity and make an impact within an organization; map your success within the many layers of an organization and its people.
  • Leadership – Find your leadership style, lead with care and integrity, create positive and productive work  culture, empower your work community to bring forward their best, feel clear, solid and confident while  leading. 
  • Physicians evolving in their practices – Align your practice with who you are. Practicing medicine has been a changing landscape and many physicians are dissatisfied and having trouble with existing systems. Whether you want to carve your own niche in a large institution or venture out into private practice, you will  want to be clear about your values, your goals and create a plan to effectively execute on them.  
  • Planning with Intention – Get in the driver’s seat of your journey, whether it’s a project at work or the vision for your career, get intentional about what you are doing, how you do it and why it’s important. Goal Setting and Accountability – Each moment is an opportunity to move towards or away from your goals. Creating an easy-to-integrate structure in your daily life keeps you on track towards your vision even  when you are tired, stressed, on the road or experiencing a life event.

Who I Am

I was born and raised in New York City so career and its role in my life has been a focus of mine. As an  employee, consultant, volunteer and entrepreneur working all over the world, I’ve seen the variety and  possibility of how our professional lives can bring out even more of who we already are. Once I discovered  coaching, my varied career journey felt integrated with who I am and my purpose. I discovered the magic of  aligning my values with my work and I would like everyone to experience that.  

I have been coaching for the last 15 years. As a Business & Career Coach I believe it is important to look at  the whole person when aiming for longterm success, so I have a National Board Certification as a Health &  Wellness Coach and I have a Masters in Spiritual Ministry. I live in Austin with my husband and dog and in  my free time I love to walk in nature with my dog.

Some highlights of my varied journey include working in the corporate world, co-founding and publishing a  national magazine, founding a film production company where I produced lifestyle films for Formula One  Racing in Europe and Australia, being employed to produce international private events for celebrities and  private charities in locations such as South Africa, Hong Kong, Bora Bora, Australia and the U.S., consulting  for a museum group in Germany, being employed to lead a Media Technologies group at a science research  institute in Germany, and starting and operating a juice bar. Along the way, I realized I was always helping  co-workers or clients develop tools to overcome their challenges and create a life aligned with their values. As a Coach, I have also been hired by international corporations to give seminars & workshops about stress,  mindset and healthy lifestyle practices in the workplace. During the pandemic, I led workshops and online  courses via Zoom.

What I Do 

Create the life and career that you are made for! 

As a Business & Career Coach I guide you through a process of growth to help you develop your own inner trust and self-reliance and create lasting success aligned with your values. We light up as we move towards  the life we are made for. 

I coach entrepreneurs including small business owners, executives, professionals, physicians, and those in  career transition or starting out. Looking at the whole person is important when defining goals towards  creating an intentional and fulfilling life. Even in the most difficult circumstances, coaching is an opportunity  for you to grow personally and professionally and create a better outcome, even one beyond what you  thought possible. 

Coaching Approach 

A calm and centered state of being creates a clear mind that can take inspired action. Coaching is a client-led process where I partner with my client to create a customized vision of their  professional wellbeing, whether it is a career overhaul or a current challenge at work. Together we establish  long-term goals as well as short-term action steps and we create a structure to track them. I facilitate the  process of self-discovery, reflection of values and passions, cultivating a calm and centered state, shifting  habits and behaviors. I empower my clients with goal-setting, actions with intention, self-reliance and  accountability. I support their perspective shifts to be able to release limiting beliefs, see new opportunities  and take inspired action. 

I believe happiness, career satisfaction and health are intertwined. As a National Board Certified Health &  Wellness Coach, I focus on healthy life habits, stress and career challenges that keep us from performing  optimally and living a life that fulfills us. I have also seen how important it is to discover what holds deep  meaning to us and to express this unique constellation of values in the world. I obtained a Masters in  Spiritual Ministry and help people access the place of truth and wisdom within themselves.

Coaching Values

Taking the time to discover your passions and values and aligning them with your work and service not only  brings you more professional success, it improves all aspects of your life. 

Your profession, projects or jobs give you a chance on a daily basis to practice who you are, what you  contribute and how you take action. Often this practice is in the context of a community of co-workers in  varying roles adding another layer and dynamic to your tasks. Being clear about yourself and what you stand  for allows you to work more effectively and show up authentically in all areas of your life. You can create a  deep sense of meaning and satisfaction in daily life. 

How you go about your work is often as important as what you are actually doing. 

In the workplace, it is possible to experience fulfillment and an alignment with your passions and values.  There is a way through the frustration, boredom, stress, confusion and depleted states. You can create  energizing new habits that keep you on track with a life and a schedule that supports who you are as a whole  being. Working on your challenges can free you from limiting perspectives and allow you to create a whole new work paradigm for yourself and your teams. How you show up has great influence on what you  accomplish.

Why I Do It 

In my early professional years, I felt pressure to have my career look a certain way on the outside, and I  created a separation between outer work and my inner passions. It took me a long time and a few rounds of burning out to gain the confidence and clarity to support myself by being myself. When we are clear about our values, skills and life desires, we choose how we contribute to the world through our work in a way that supports who we are as a whole being. When we are living the life we are made for, where work aligns with our passions, we are energized, creative, healthy and there is ease. I feel honored to be allowed into my clients’ life experiences and am inspired by them as they grow into the professional life that brings them meaning and fulfillment on a daily basis.