Finding the Right Therapist in Austin, TX

Dr. Charlotte Howard, a therapist at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, TX, talks about things to look for when you’re choosing a therapist and questions to ask before you jump into what can become a life-long relationship.


Finding a Therapist

Choosing a therapist is a really important decision. It’s different for every person, depending on what you’re looking for. It’s really about the match and what makes you feel comfortable and safe. You may want someone intellectual, for instance (my personal preference is someone more on the emotional side).

That emotional side can be really scary to some people, though. Of course, if I’m a good therapist, I’ll titrate that and walk into it slowly. Some people want someone more directive or direct, or someone older, a certain style, that is all very important to listen to in yourself when you’re choosing a therapist.

A Good Therapist has to do with Someone’s Heart

People look at credentials and they look at a lot of other things that are more outward focused, but I really believe that being a good therapist has more to do with the person’s heart. If I were to choose a therapist I would really just want to feel into, “Does this feel like someone that could love me and that I’m comfortable being my true self with–that I feel safe taking a journey with? How does it feel to be with them? Are they sincere? Do they care?” Usually, you can feel that if you just tune in.  Choosing a truly good person is really what you want to do.

Find a Therapist in Austin, TX

Finding the Best Match for You

When someone calls and we’re looking for someone within Deep Eddy Psychotherapy to find the best match for a person, all of our clinicians are so great and can really work in different approaches that are very client-centered. If you want a particular style, usually the clinicians will be able to hold you in the right way for that. But, it needs to be a fit across the board.

There are also, of course, practical things that can make someone a better fit than another. It can be your schedule or insurance or whether you want a male or a female, but also what your present concern is. If you want to look at loving yourself, for instance, that might be my repertoire.  Everyone here has something that they’re passionate about. If you’re looking for a particular thing that someone in our office loves to do then we try to send you their way.

Offering Sincere, Authentic Care in Austin, TX

We choose our clinicians based on their level of sincere, authentic care and ability to accurately see another person–to be attuned to them. Our therapists are nonreactive and open so that you can really feel their heart and feel accepted. They’ve worked through whatever their issues from childhood are so that they’re not projecting them onto you. They can really show you what a caring, close relationship can look like. They can see you accurately so that you feel they are reflecting back whatever is going on inside you. They’re all insightful and also wise. Each of our therapists are available to help you sort out what’s true inside and what you need in your life.

A Therapist Should Be Able to See You Accurately

I really feel that a good therapist’s most important quality is that they can see you accurately and that they’ve dealt with their own issues, so they’re not going to be projecting a lot. They are very clean and healthy relationally and can show you what a healthy and loving relationship is like. They’re comfortable with closeness and they’re open so that you can really feel their heart. Their transparency, empathy, and insight is helpful so you feel comfortable letting them really get to know you deeply.

If you’re looking for the right therapist, you may just want to go through the content we have on the website to read about the different clinicians and see what feels right to you. If you want to talk it through with me, I’d be happy to. We’ll try to find the best person for you–call us and we’ll walk you through it.

The best way to know if someone here at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy is going to be a good fit for you is to call us and talk with someone on a complimentary consultation phone call. There is no obligation and then we can go from there.

Starting Therapy in Austin, TX

We would love to invite you to make a complimentary call to discuss some of your options and determine whether Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, TX is the right fit for you and your situation. Please contact us using the links below or in the sidebar and share this post or video if you found it to be valuable. Together we can create a world of well-being and joy.

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