Is marriage counseling or therapy really effective?

Charlotte Howard, a therapist at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, TX, talks about marriage counseling and how therapy, right now, before things are at a fever pitch, can help right the ship long before it ever starts sinking in a relationship


The effectiveness of Marriage Counseling and Therapy in Austin, TX

Marriage counseling is very effective. The problem that people run into is that they wait until it’s too late. When two people come in and they hate each other, it’s very difficult to work with. It can turn around, even from there—when the love is almost dead—it can sill be reborn and re-blossom, but it’s much more difficult.

Having a Healthy Relationship is Important

Even in a situation where a break up happens, navigating through it with a therapist is going to be a much more healing experience. A therapist can facilitate care for each person’s heart, especially when kids are involved, where being able to repair on their way out and have a healthy relationship is so important.

Rekindle the Love in Your Relationship through Therapy

Quite often, though, there’s time to avoid all of that and rekindle that love, that flame of passion. Couple’s therapy or marriage therapy definitely does help people and can completely change a relationship for the better.  The work people do as a couple often involves huge personal growth for each person so it is well worth their time on a personal level in addition to improving the joy and health of their relationship.

What happens in marriage or couple’s counseling? What does it look like? Would we both come into therapy the first time? Do we both do therapy individually?

Most of our clinicians do all the work with both partners present, rather than meeting each person individually. Couples therapy would look like the two of you coming in together so that everything said to the therapist is known to each of you and you can look at it as a team. The therapist will get to know you as a couple and learn about what you want to accomplish.

Couples Therapy Helps You Look at Things Differently

Each clinician will work differently but, at its core, couples therapy is just helping you look at things from a different perspective where you can move forward more easily. It’s teaching you to care for each other and create a reparative experience that is difficult to reach on your own. All the while, you’re having insights about each other and being guided through road blocks. Sometimes you might be doing enactments, for instance, asking you to hold each other to help the brain learn and practice new skills. You begin experimenting with things you might be too scared to ask for on your own, but hopefully, the attuned therapist will be able to know what each person is really wanting and help unlock that in your relationship.

How long does marriage counseling take? When am I going to feel in love with my partner again?

How long couples therapy takes really depends on why you’re coming in. Some people come in after a fight and we can really just undo it quickly in a couple of sessions and then they’re happy.

Other people are talking about years of pain and resentment. Undoing that can take a year of really hard work, but that work is really worth it, especially when there are kids involved. If you really, deep down, love this person and built a life around them, the work is little compared to what is already invested. How long couples therapy takes, though, ultimately really depends on where you are in your relationship.

Is therapy or marriage counseling a good fit? Are you in Austin, TX?

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