Using Therapy to Find a Romantic Partner | Austin, TX

Charlotte Howard, a therapist at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, TX, talks about why you don’t have to be fully healed to get into a positive relationship and how being in therapy as you go into new relationships can be very beneficial.


Healing Can Happen Quickly When In a Relationship

Many people think that they should heal themselves or fix themselves before they find a relationship. I really disagree with that because I think a lot of our growth happens through relationships. There are times when someone’s psyche, what they’re looking for, is so destructive that they do need to take a pause and really heal some of those underlying issues that make them choose destructive relationships because they won’t be able to grow with the people they are currently drawn to.

Creating a Richer Experience in Therapy

However, most of the time, the things that people expect to improve about themselves before they go find a partner are things that they would actually heal and fix a lot faster in a relationship. I even find that the therapy is a lot richer once they are in a relationship. People will come in single and tell me these things, but once they are in a relationship they’ve got constant grist for the mill that we can look at and think about, “What about this approach? Why does it bring up now?” and actually heal those things as we go.

All that practice is really how we become the people that we want to be.

Starting Therapy in Austin, TX

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