How does therapy work with the present moment?

Tori Olds, a therapist at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, TX, talks about therapy in the present moment.

Exploring the Present Moment with Therapy

We are starting with the present. We are watching what they do with themselves and their emotions. What gets shut down? Where does that take them when that does get shut down?

Therapy Has a Lot to do with Slowing Things Down

We’re slowing all that down so they can really track themselves because, often, it just happens so fast and unconsciously. It’s like we have someone who says something to us and we have the beginnings of anger, but before we’re even aware of it, we shut it down, we self-attack, or something like that. Then, we’re feeling bad and we’re not even consciously aware of anything that happened.

However, if we really slow it down and notice, “Okay, there was an attack there and right before that was anger, oh, and what feelings were there?” Then, we are taking clients back to the point of choice. I love this image of taking clients back to the point of choice again and again. In therapy, the conversation that I’m having is like, “Okay, there’s a fork in the road. You always go down this fork, but let’s just come back to where there is something else that could have happened and explore what that is. Maybe we’ll explore more about why you want to go this way, but also look at what it’s costing you. Perhaps we’ll motivate you to go a different way. And what would that look like? And how can I be here to support you in that?”

Returning to the Point of Choice

So, we keep returning to that point of choice, again and again. Often, people not only do not want to talk about their past, but they don’t want to talk about their feelings or even feel their feelings. And that’s where being in relationship and having support is so important. Having support and having someone else who does care about their feelings can really make a difference. That’s why therapy is so special and can be so powerful.

Starting Therapy in Austin, TX

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