Is Therapy Just an Excuse to Complain?

Dr. Charlotte Howard, a psychologist at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, TX, talks about the value that one finds in therapy and why looking at your pain is not complaining or navel-gazing but the route to sustainable healing.


Therapy is Not About Feeling Sorry for Yourself

A lot of people think that looking internally is going to be this navel-gazing thing, where they’re feeling sorry for themselves. We think only dwelling on painful and dark stuff is not productive, but making a space to look at that in your life is actually incredible healing.  We aren’t rehearsing it or creating it, we are looking at what is already there and true so that the body can have the support it needs to integrate it and move past it.

Becoming a Happier Person

The research on mindfulness, for instance,—where you’re much more aware of your internal experience—shows that mindful people are more philanthropic, attuned to others, and happier.

Are You Open to Receiving?

Something that can be minimized as navel-gazing but is actually deep internal exploration, can lead to joy and allow you to become more fully generous and peaceful in the world. It’s not unproductive at all. People may think they’re complaining, but it’s actually about sincerely sharing a pain. The difference has to do with receiving, whether someone is open to receive or not.  Complaining is when someone wants to stay in the pain and will reject any help or care that comes their way. People can talk very negatively about their lives, however, and it can be incredibly productive because they are open to moving past it and talking about it in order to receive from the therapist, change, grow, and heal.

Starting Therapy in Austin, TX

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