Will therapy help me find a romantic partner?

Charlotte Howard, a therapist at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, TX, talks about how therapy can help you build the vulnerability, openness, and self-love that is attractive to potential romantic partners.


A Resistance to Love

I have so many clients who are looking for a romantic partner and really wanting to find love. They come to therapy wondering why it’s not happening to them. Usually, there’s a deep down resistance to it.

On the outside, they think that’s all they want and they’re focused on getting a partner. But deep down, they’re really terrified of having a partner or they don’t love themselves or feel lovable.

Learning to be Open through Therapy

Unpacking some of those deeper voices and working through them allows them to actually open up a space to find a partner. But finding a partner has to do with openness to finding a partner. That’s the bottom line.

Vulnerability, of course, helps. People feel a deeper, more meaningful, connection with you if you can share your complete self.  Receptivity, authenticity, and loving yourself, are the keys in finding a partner. If you love yourself, it’s so attractive and people just want to be around that.

Working on these things in therapy can really help you find not just any partner, but the right partner for you.

Starting Therapy in Austin, TX

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