I Don’t Want to Talk About the past—Can Therapy Work for Me?

Tori Olds, a therapist at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, TX, talks about why we might be hesitant to talk about our past.


We Don’t Have to Talk About the Past in Therapy

Luckily in the work I do, it’s very in the moment, so we don’t actually have to talk about the past. Although, if someone specifically doesn’t want to talk about their past, that’s interesting. Likely, we’d want to get to a place where that person will at least be able to talk about it if they wanted to. We want to take the fear out of that and look at why that is so scary. What prep would they need so it wouldn’t be so scary?

Letting Things Come Up Organically

If you’re living from a place of resistance, not wanting to go there, it’s a sign that something is not going right inside, if you can’t think about the whole story. But rather than attacking it, we slowly unravel, “Okay, what is that about? And how are you now?” I’m really tracking in the moment anyway all the time when we’re in session. I usually don’t even have to ask questions about the past because I let it come up organically. These things tend to come up organically in a much more on point way.

For instance, if we were with something and then suddenly an image of the mom’s face comes up, then we go into that because that’s more fresh and alive and we can trust that it’s applicable. Rather than if I just ask and they’re disconnected and they’re just telling a story.

Starting Therapy in Austin, TX

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