38th Street Office

Our 38th Street Office is located in the beautiful Rosedale district of Austin, Texas.  Our clinicians work on the fourth floor suite in a gorgeous office space with cozy seating, complimentary tea, and quiet away from the noise of the city.

Located at 1500 West 38th Street Suite #44, Austin, Texas, this office was the third location added as our practice expanded in the late 2010s in order to serve clients living in the north end of Austin.

Parking at the 38th Street office is free and easy to access.  Make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of your appointment to give yourself plenty of time to find a good place to park, make your way up the elevator to the fourth floor, and get settled before your session begins.  If you have any trouble finding the office, please contact our Scheduling team at 512-956-6463.

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Clinicians Based at 38th Street

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