Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do assessments cost?

That depends. Because each client’s personal history and concerns are individual, we tailor each assessment to you. Cost depends on how many hours of testing are needed, which will be decided when the therapist and client review the client’s goals. To give you an idea of what to expect, here is a general cost range for a few of the assessments we offer:

Personality/career/couples assessments non-insurance/self-pay fees vary from $550 – $1300
ADHD assessments non-insurance/self-pay fees vary from $1300 – $2000

We also accept BCBS PPO, Seton and Whole Foods insurance. If you have one of these insurance providers, please contact our billing office to find out if assessment is covered under your insurance plan.

Q: What is included with the assessment?

The assessment process consists of a handful of sessions (typically 3-4 but this varies), a thorough assessment of different areas of functioning that are related to the presenting concern, detailed findings and results in a written report, and a final feedback session to review all this information with a clinician. Our assessment style is warm, compassionate and collaborative. This means that clients can choose what to do with the data given and can discuss how to take on the next steps and recommendations.

Q: Why does it cost more than therapy?

The cost of assessment is about the same per hour as the cost of therapy, but an assessment takes multiple hours to for testing, scoring, and report-writing.  The amount of information that you will receive from an assessment, however, may take 10 or more therapy sessions to uncover. Thus, getting an assessment can actually help you get more information faster so that you can immediately begin to make deeper and intentional changes in your life and in your therapy work.

Q: What if I am not currently in therapy, would an assessment benefit me?

Yes! In fact, if you’re interested in therapy but aren’t sure where to begin, have had past negative experiences in therapy or aren’t sure the type of therapist to look for, assessment is a great tool that can help you pinpoint themes to address and what therapeutic approach would work best for you.

Q: Is the assessment fee billed all at once?

No. The assessment process is spread out by a number of sessions and payment is typically taken from the card on file after each session rather than all at once. We will also work with you on creating a payment plan if that would help make this service more accessible to you.

Q: Is the fee worth it?

While we can’t speak to everyone’s specific situation, most people find our assessment process to be extremely valuable. Assessments are a way to get a lot of information about yourself in a short amount of time. They can help people understand issues they’ve struggled with for years which talk therapy haven’t uncovered, illuminate differences between people in couples that are leading to painful conflict and confusion, and help you discover what careers would be fulfilling for you based on who you are.