Keshav Goud, LPC-A

Keshav Goud, LPC-A

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Supervised by: Matt Halvorson, LPC-S, CGP

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Practice Philosophy

I believe therapy is a way of making us feel more at home with ourselves. It is the journey towards being more authentic with our own self, in our relationships, and with the community. Once we start exploring and accepting our real self, we also learn to see others for who they are and embrace them. This is only possible by accessing, understanding, and honoring our subjective experience—and noticing the way it is impacted by our past and present interactions.

As your therapist, I will strive to support you to freely express your own personal inner world and experience the ways in which it relates with the world around you. I hope to meet you in your world to collectively explore the themes that are significant to you. In the process, we will discover what these themes mean to you and traverse through the underlying patterns that shape your experience, while feeling connected with your emotions. My theoretical orientation is a synthesis of psychodynamic, existential, and process-oriented schools of thought.

My practice philosophy rests on the principles of inclusiveness, autonomy, and empowerment. While exploring your inner world, I will provide personalized support based on your own needs and preferences. I believe that my role as a therapist is to make you self-sustainable, such that after our period of engagement—however short or long—you can keep expanding your experiential horizons. Together, we will develop a common language for the exploration of your psyche and beingness.

Multicultural awareness and inclusivity

I strive to provide a space of acceptance of your authentic self and multiple facets of your identity (race, ethnicity, gender and sexual identities, ability, and socio-economic status to name a few). If you are facing challenges—from within or around you—to integrate and celebrate different parts of your identity or you just want to explore them, it would be my honor to support you in the journey.

Areas of Practice: 

I work with individuals, groups, and couples of all ages who deal with the following themes:

  • Selfhood and Self-image
  • Loneliness and belongingness
  • Relationships and communication issues. 
  • Sexuality, identity, and intimacy
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Complex and racial trauma
  • Transitions
  • Immigration-related challenges 
  • Career-related issues
  • Existential issues, hopelessness, and meaninglessness
  • Everyday functioning and coping


I yearn to understand and alleviate human suffering and moved across the world to pursue my master’s in counseling at UT Austin in 2021. Before moving to Austin for my graduate education, I was teaching courses on critical thinking, writing, leadership, and group dynamics to university students in India and Nigeria. Prior to that, I pursued a master’s in liberal studies with a concentration in psychology and philosophy and an undergraduate in engineering. On my journey from being an engineer to a therapist, I traversed the fields of social impact consulting, marketing, fundraising, behavioral science research, and sustainability. Across several disciplines, my love for supporting people in their own quests has only deepened. I am also a member of the Austin Psychoanalytic and Austin Group Psychotherapy Society. 

When I am not busy exploring the depths of the existential vacuum, I can be found appreciating and capturing art around us in the form of photographs, writing and reciting poetry, backpacking, savoring cinema, and music, practicing mindfulness and swimming post-sunset.

I would be happy to chat with you for a free 15-minute consult to answer your questions or explore working together!