Daniel Williamson, Master’s Graduate Intern

Daniel Williamson, Master’s Graduate Intern

Practicum Student

Supervised by:  Elan Lepovic, PhD

Hello and welcome

Finding a therapist is challenging and I commend you for getting here! If you feel at all curious, hopeful, or seen when you’re reading this, I encourage you to schedule a call.

Being a human is hard. Fulfillment and meaning can seem just out of reach – promised, but not delivered. I’m not here to tell you what the point of life is. I’m here to support you as you decide the point for yourself, and make meaning out of your relationships, experiences, and emotions.

I practice from a humanistic, existential perspective, emphasizing and helping you learn from your emotional experiences, holding vast, secure space for the BIG human experiences, and helping you become the author of your own narrative.

My approach to therapy is deeply relational — I work with couples and individuals to realize unhelpful relationship patterns, meaningfully shift insecurity and anxiety within partnerships, and deepen vulnerability and emotional attunement. I am well-versed in non-traditional relationship models and always look forward to learning about what gender, love, sex, and intimacy mean to my clients.

In simplest terms, my philosophy is this: I believe that meaning in life springs from deepening our relationship with self in order to be in right relations with our community, family, partners and the ecology around us. If you think we’d be a good fit, then I look forward to connecting.

About Me

I’m a lover of art, of music, of video games, of time with friends, of nature, of exercise, and of a lot of rest. I believe that I exist in the context of those around me: people engaged in conscious self-reflection, in spiritual practice, in dancing at DJ sets, in laying in the sun, in caring for one another deeply. It’s a good life 🙂


I am a masters of counseling candidate with a focus in marriage, family, and couples counseling at St. Edward’s University. I’ve been in my own therapy for over a third of my life and I’ve seen over and over again how incredible this work can be.