Wilma Elliott-Hannah, PsyD

Wilma Elliott-Hannah, PsyD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Supervised by: Rachel McCarthy, PsD

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hey there!

I’m Wilma- a postdoctoral fellow here at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy. I wanted to share a bit about myself and my approach on your self journey to help you decide if we will be a good fit.

I’m all about curating a comfortable space where you can completely unfold and be unapologetically and authentically you. If you’re searching for someone who’s genuine, affable, relatable, compassionate, and candid then we might just be a perfect match! Let’s connect and see where this journey takes us.

My Background

Becoming a clinician was a natural calling for me. Guided by an innate desire to give back and make positive changes in my communities, I’ve been fueled by my parents’ immigrant experiences and my own experiences as a first-generation African American. Yet, at the core, I have always yearned to connect with, understand, and support others. Exploring truths and navigating the complexities of human emotions is what truly excites me, making this career path not only a profession but also a commitment driven by purpose and passion.

My holistic and multicultural approach seamlessly blends social wellness and intersectionality, offering individuals a space to explore the depths of their identity while also finding solace and strength in shared experiences. Creating an inclusive environment is characteristic of me as it enables people to delve into their personal stories and embrace their complex cores. I believe true well-being flourishes when we embrace every facet of identity – cultural roots, gender, sexuality, faith, and more. Integrating these aspects nurtures a holistic and genuine self. Social wellness, on this journey, reminds us of our interconnectedness and the ability to empower one another through meaningful interactions, shared moments, and unwavering support. Ultimately, my goal is to foster a comfortable space where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered.

In the therapy room, I choose to embrace creativity as it serves as a powerful tool for self-expression and healing. Whether it’s through the rhythm of music, the strokes of a paintbrush, or the simple act

of taking a leisurely stroll outdoors, I encourage creative outlets to help individuals explore the deepest layers of themselves in unique ways to promote self-discovery and growth.

Who I Work Best With:

  • Kids (2-12) for assessments 
  • Teens (13-18) 
  • Young Adults (therapy and assessments) 
  • Adults (therapy and assessments) 
  • Women of Color 
  • Couples 
  • Professionals 
  • BIPOC community 
  • West African Immigrants 
  • First Generations 

Specialty Areas:

  • Assessments (ADHD, Autism, Therapeutic, Career, and Personality) 
  • Cultural Stress 
  • Cross Cultural and Diversity Experiences 
  • Life Transitions 
  • Self Esteem/Self-Love 
  • Relationship Concerns 
  • Social Concerns 
  • Social Media Use & Influence 
  • Discrimination Concerns 
  • Mood and emotional concerns (e.g. Depression and Anxiety) 
  • Coping Skills 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Marital and Premarital Concerns 
  • Peer Relationships 
  • School Issues 
  • Women’s Issues 
  • Sexual Health and Positivity
  • Body Positivity

About Me:

My journey has allowed me to embrace diverse cultures and appreciate the richness of human experiences. As a first generation Liberian American, I have lived in New Jersey, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston. I began my academic path at Georgia State University, majoring in Political Science International Affairs and minoring in Psychology and subsequently, earned a Master’s in Criminal Justice from Clark Atlanta University. I recently achieved a significant milestone, becoming the first member of my family to hold a doctoral degree with a PsyD in Clinical Forensic Psychology from the Chicago School – a testament to my ancestral dreams.

Professionally, I began working in criminal justice-related grants and policy, offering valuable insights into the legal system. As I transitioned to mental health, I found a passion for supporting Black communities, understanding the influence of social media as a modern form of communication, and applying DEI principles to the mental health field. My practical clinical experience involves providing individual, group, and couples therapy across diverse demographics, as well as conducting assessments covering ADHD, autism, emotional/personality evaluations, and Child Protective Services (CPS) assessments.

On a personal level, I’ve developed a strong appreciation for work-life balance and self-care, wholeheartedly embracing my core values of faith, family, community, authenticity, fun, and time, which are fundamental in both my personal and professional life. My hobbies include hosting game nights, practicing zumba, exploring astrology, sound bowl meditations, journaling, karaoke, music, traveling, audio books, and sharing laughter at comedy clubs. After a long day, you’ll often find me unwinding with my favorite TV shows like Law & Order, Power (and its spinoffs), The Chi, Abbott Elementary, Ted Lasso, and anything True Crime-related (honorable mention: all 23 seasons of Keeping Up with ‘The Kardashians’). Here I stand, prepared to journey alongside you, weaving our stories together as we embark on a transformative path of growth and healing.