Lexi Patrick, LPC

Lexi Patrick, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor


I’m Lexi, and I’m a licensed therapist here at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy. My quest is to be a companion to people who are stuck. Often people find me and tell me they or their child are feeling lost, so you can think of me as a flashlight you point as we navigate out of the dark, painful places to a place of safety and freedom. I want to help you build trust in yourself and equip you with the tools to enjoy life more.

Outside of therapy, I find joy in gardening, video games, Dungeons and Dragons, rock collecting, and indulging in cartoons and anime (Steven Universe and Demon Slayer are favorites). Play and fun are valued both in and out of therapy!

Now, let’s dive into your world. Have you found yourself lost when:

  • Every day feels like a rollercoaster of worry, and you’re stuck in a cycle of seeking relief in distractions?
  • You’ve poured everything into helping loved ones, only to hit a frustrating wall?
  • Your mind is a battleground of conflicting thoughts, making decisions and changes seems not worth the fight?
  • Tasks pile up, and the idea of starting to tackle them is overwhelming you?
  • Wearing a mask, even with yourself, becomes a necessity to feel somewhat okay?
  • Strong emotions trigger panic or self-harm, and the pain or numbness feels easier in the dark places?
  • Things you used to love no longer bring joy, and even laughter feels empty?
  • Suddenly, you don’t recognize yourself anymore, especially after discovering new parts of yourself.

If you are looking for a therapist that:

  • Ignites Creativity
    • Creates a lot of time and space for imagination, metaphors, and playfulness to explore values and needs. This fosters so much self-awareness, the key to improving mental health
  • Find Insight in Nerdiness
    • Explores Anime/Cartoons/Movies, unraveling truths for healthier relationships and conflict resolution
  • Games for Growth
    • Plays video games for exploring emotions and relationships, offering insights and fostering hope
    • Some options can be Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Depression Quest, Baldur’s Gate 3, Persona5, Tell Me Why, Undertale, Cosmic Wheel of Sisterhood, Finding Paradise, etc
  • Teaches Mind Organization
    • Offers skills tailored to your learning style and guides creation of unique coping skills. I’m talking to you list lovers, map makers, and those kiddos that write on their arms
  • Embraces Identity
    • Open to all aspects of your identity/identities, and eager to meet every part of who you are!

I am that therapist!

Schedule a 15 min free consult or Intake as soon as you are ready. I am here for you!