Kate Owen, LCSW

Kate Owen, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

About Me

You often struggle to manage difficult people in your life and the negative consequences they bring wondering how you keep allowing them in when it is your choice. Perhaps you feel like you can’t control your overeating or binge eating behavior or you’re maintaining recovery from other addiction issues. You want better management of anxiety or social discomfort, depression, PTSD,
and other emotional, mental health, and interpersonal struggles. You grew up in a dysfunctional family and want to overcome the negative impact this continues to have on your life. You may be managing a persistent mental health condition including those with psychotic symptoms and realize that medication alone is not giving you the consistent symptom management you desire. You may feel stuck with the negative patterns and consequences that accompany these common human experiences, but you’re not. You’re ready to break free of the avoidable suffering from the much underdiagnosed and undertreated issue of low self-esteem which complicates management of other issues. You want to change the thinking, emotional, and behavioral patterns maintaining or worsening these issues and find relief. In my practice approach, I honor my clients as the experts of themselves and team with them to explore what’s working and not working in their daily lives. I coach them on developing and implementing a plan of action to make lasting positive change. With over 30 years’ experience in human service work and being a committed life learner, I am always honing my skills in my personal and professional life and bring that approach to my work in therapy. It is my desire to team with you to identify treatment approaches customized to your specific needs and work on these together to help you make changes that can move you forward to lead your best life!  You can reach me at [email protected].

Continuing Education/Training:

  • EMDR- Part I and 2 Certificate of Completion
  • Spiritual Practice and Mental Health
  • Healing Religious Wounds
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Helping Adult Clients Grow Up (Conflict Resolution) 
  • Understanding Relationships
  • Relationship Enhancement for Couples
  • Counseling For Couples:  Understanding and Improving Love Relationships
  • Understanding the Gut Brain, Stress, Appetite, Digestion, and Mood
  • Are You an Apple or A Pear?
  • HIV/AIDS:  What You Need to Know Now
  • Pre-diabetes:  A Look into the Future of Diabetes Care
  • Influenza on the Move
  • Fading Memories:  Alzheimer’s Disease Part I
  • Understanding and Managing Chronic Pain
  • Coping With Chronic Pain
  • Eating Disorders:  A Brief Guide
  • Obesity, Diet, and Behavior
  • Beyond Bariatric Surgery:  Food and Mood Issues
  • The Science of Fat and Sugar:  Appetite, Eating Disorders, and The Reward System
  • The Neurobiology of Overeating and Food Addiction
  • Better Memory, Better Sleep
  • The Sleep Loss Epidemic:  Understanding and Managing Sleep Disorders
  • Germ Alert! 2017-2018 Viruses, Bacteria, and Epidemics
  • Stress, Resilience, and Happiness
  • PTSD in Children and Adolescents
  • Coping With Traumatic Events:  Threats, Crisis, and PTSD
  • Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children and Adults
  • Understanding Difficult and Aggressive Behaviors
  • Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behavior
  • Emotional Control and Difficult Personalities
  • Genetic Implications of Incest
  • Pornographic Distortions:  Understanding Sexuality, Sexual Violence & the Contemporary Pornography Industry
  • Working With Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse
  • The Art and Science of Home Studies
  • The Ethics, Art, and Science of Evidence-Based Practice
  • Clinical Implications of Dual Diagnosis
  • Everyday Addictions and Pain Killers
  • Recognizing and treating Low Self Esteem
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of the Personality Disorders in a Time-Limited Environment
  • Working with Battered Women:  A Brief Guide
  • Working With Bereavement
  • Aerobics Instructor Certification
  • Emergency Mental Health:  Assessment and Treatment