Carl Schroeder, PsyD

Carl Schroeder, PsyD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Supervised by: Oxana Kopeikin, PhD

About Me

I have been providing psychological services to adolescents, adults and couples since 2016. I recently relocated to Austin, Texas to work with Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in a new role as a post-doctoral fellow. I specialize in working with individuals with a wide range of issues, specifically cooccurring disorders with substance use and addiction, suicide, and self-harm. I have a strong passion for health psychology and guiding people to live a healthy life, both mentally and physically.

I am a psychologist originally from Los Angeles. I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Alabama, where I developed a strong interest in psychology and substance use treatment and its applications. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I returned to California to obtain my doctorate degree in psychology at California Lutheran University.

I completed my pre-doctoral internship in community mental health at Christ Community Health Services in Memphis. While there, I worked collaboratively with medical providers at all levels, providing integrative care throughout Memphis and Jackson, TN. I was an integral part of maintaining and growing the CCHS medication-assisted treatment program (MAT, suboxone) within a harm reduction model representing behavioral health. Prior, I worked at several inpatient addiction treatment centers throughout Southern California in Los Angeles, Malibu and Newport Beach.

I see patients from a collaborative model working with outside providers. I am experienced in Logotherapy, and I often combine this with an ACT approach that allows clients to live life to the fullest while finding meaning. I also conduct ADHD, psychoeducational, autism and personality testing for Deep Eddy. These tests diagnose learning disorders, behavior problems, learning styles, and inform treatment plans. Tests include attention, intelligence, achievement, reading, math, and behavior measures. Personality assessment uses objective and projective measures for diagnostic clarification and treatment planning.

In addition to being a passionate psychologist, I have a strong interest in triathlons, endurance training, CrossFit, and the outdoors. I have always been fascinated by the connection between the physical and mental well-being, spending years exploring this intersection both personally and professionally. I enjoy stretching myself and my clients to new limits and frequently find ways to challenge the mind and the body. If I am not in the gym, you can find me hiking, camping, and generally exploring the great outdoors with my canine sidekick. My passion for fitness and health has translated into my work as a psychologist, helping my clients develop healthy habits and overcome mental obstacles to achieve their goals.

Areas of Expertise

  • Individual counseling
  • family counseling
  • grief counseling
  • ADHD assessment
  • ADHD evaluation
  • psychoeducational evaluation
  • life transition
  • divorce counseling
  • adolescent counseling
  • relationship counseling
  • performance psychology

Issues Treated

  • Addiction
  • substance use
  • suicidal ideation
  • depression, trauma
  • infidelity
  • stress
  • OCD
  • ADHD
  • bipolar disorder
  • personality disorder
  • self-esteem
  • behavior issues
  • self-harm