Open Letter to the Deep Eddy Psychotherapy Community

Dear Deep Eddy Psychotherapy Community,

We join with you in grieving the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others who suffered the same plight.  We are deeply sad and angry about the social injustice, systemic racism, and oppression that are not events, but every day realities, for too many in our community. We commit to translating our feelings into meaningful action and we stand in solidarity with the BIPOC community. We call on our community at large to join us in activism to dismantle racism.

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy is built on a set of cherished values, including supportive community, compassion, authenticity, and the healing power of connection and belonging.  The racial injustices that the Black community continues to endure make us shudder with how far we have to go in making the ideals we hold so dear a reality for all.

We acknowledge the racist history of how BIPOC have been marginalized and underserved by our field and we are committed to changing that.  We acknowledge that racism and racial trauma is a public health issue and that the effects of minority stress are dire and deserve care and healing.  Today, Deep Eddy Psychotherapy made a donation of $5,000 to the Loveland Foundation, a nonprofit providing therapy to BIPOC women and girls who would otherwise not be able to afford it, and $5,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. If you’d like to make a donation to either of these as well, please visit: or

As therapists, we know that change in the outer world begins with change inside us—being willing to look at ourselves, face feelings and discomfort, hold ourselves with compassion, and bravely grow and heal.  We encourage you to resist the temptation to tune out. If you feel overwhelmed, slow down and take more time with the many feelings the state of the world may create.  We are in this together. Confronting racism will take a long-term unified effort and we are fully here with you to engage in that.

In solidarity,

Charlotte Howard, Ph.D.
CEO of Deep Eddy Psychotherapy

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