Can Therapy Cure Boredom & Help Us Dive Deeper?

July 1, 2016

Charlotte Howard, a therapist at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, TX, talks about one of the reasons we can start to feel bored with life and how to infuse our day-to-day with new, rich experiences.

Using Therapy to Dive in Deeper

Boredom is a sign that we need to go deeper. We get bored when we need more richness, we need to dive in. We get bored in relationships if there’s not enough intimacy or real closeness.

Learning to be Vulnerable

A way to undo boredom would be to become more vulnerable, have more intimacy, open up more, search inside. We’re infinitely complex, we’re anything but boring. It gets boring when it’s too superficial and it’s just a call to deepen.

Practicing Being Vulnerable

Vulnerability is being able to put yourself in a situation where you are saying something that might be scary to say, but is deeply true.  You’d be amazed how energizing and enlivening the truth is.  Others are interested when we are authentic and come from our hearts, and life becomes more engaging and fun to us as well.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable can add a new level of excitement and richness to your life. Therapy is a great way to practice vulnerability in a safe space.  As you begin to trust and allow yourself to go there, with support, in therapy you become comfortable with that territory in a way that translates wonderfully to your outside life and makes everything more rich, meaningful, and easy (because it’s real!).

Finding a Therapist in Austin, TX

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