Personal Enrichment Adventures: Sagas


  • Personally-tailored and fully original epic narratives, crafted by Mike Nystul, based on your preferences
  • Unlimited special character creation (including advanced classes, races, and more)
  • Perfect for advanced players and people who want a consistent, long-term space for friendship and fun

Sagas are our concierge option for D&D lovers who want a fully-customized experience and players who want a consistent group to be a part of longer term.

Saga groups will be able to create their own characters under the guidance of the Wizard, who will help you build compelling backstories and weave goals into the ongoing narrative.
Instead of choosing pre-written Modules to play (which is how it works in a Fellowship), a Saga group has a unique setting and novel stories tailored specifically for your group and your customized characters.



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How Sagas Work

While our Fellowship sessions have a limit to the story (after you play enough sessions, you’ll eventually run out of new adventures), the Saga is designed to run as long as you would like.  Some Sagas go for months, even years through epic campaigns and rich narrative arcs. 

Saga stories adapt and change based on your choices – this is your world, and you get to become influential authors in the tale.  

If you are looking to form a group with new people, you can join the waitlist to enter a Saga with a party of peers (kids, teens, or adults).  If you already have a group (maybe you played through a Fellowship together or you have a group of friends that want to play), we can set you up with a Saga that way as well. 

Saga sessions are scheduled and paid for one month in advance.  Sessions are run based on your schedule preferences – as long as the Wizard can make it, the session can happen when it works best for you.  

As the story and experiences are fully original and tailored to you (and your party), our Wizard will be spending additional time to craft the experience to your needs.  Therefore, Saga sessions have a higher rate.  

We ask that you have played in a First Quest event or that you sign a release stating that you are an experienced D&D player and won’t need to take group time being taught the rules. 

Technical Jargon for Experienced D&D Players

Game mechanics are based on your needs.  If you need a rules-light experience that is mostly for improv and roleplay, we’ll make it happen.  If you know what “rules-as-written” means and want that, it shall be done.

The group decides starting level.  While the best adventures begin with meager characters with humble level one abilities, if you want to start off with everyone at Level 20 and be demigods, you can make that call.

Unless otherwise requested, we will use a variation of Milestone experience as your characters progress.

Advanced classes (e.g., Artificer) and races (e.g., Tiefling) are available to Saga players only, as these require additional prep and consideration during sessions.  The Wizard may also be able to provide novel classes and races upon request.  

Forge Your Own Path

Your Saga experience is uniquely tailored to the kind of adventure you would like to embark upon.

Sagas make it possible to do amazing things:

  • Follow a character from childhood to retirement
  • Explore unique settings (e.g., steampunk, high fantasy, futuristic and scifi)
  • Build your own system of government and control a kingdom
  • Play as a hydra or some other mythical creature
  • And so much more – the only limit is your imagination

Sound like what you are looking for?

Questions?  Let us help.

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