Our Experiential Approach to Therapy

Tori Olds, PHD, is the training director and part owner of Deep Eddy Psychotherapy, one of the largest counseling centers in Austin, TX. She specializes in the integration of experiential approaches to therapy and teaches four weekly training groups on this topic. She also offers online video-based trainings that offer CEU’s and can be found on her website, www.ToriOlds.com. She is also passionate about breaking down complex psychological theories to make them accessible to the public, which she does through her youtube channel as well as speaking engagements. All the therapists at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy receive training from Tori on working experientially in therapy, although most are flexible in using other approaches as well. In this video Tori describes why experiential forms of therapy are so effective and why this mindfulness-based approach to growth serves as such a foundation at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy.

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