New! D&D Groups for Kids, Teens, and Adults – Personal Enrichment Adventures

March 24, 2021

Starting April 2021, Deep Eddy Psychotherapy will be offering a new service:  Personal Enrichment Adventures.  We call them “Personal Enrichment Adventures” to help clarify that these games are not therapy, although they are still designed to help people improve their social abilities and learn to connect with others.  While our practice is located in Austin, you can join from anywhere in the country through the magic of the internet.

These adventures work great as an online social skills training group.  Participants are given the opportunity to practice conversation skills, empathy towards other group members or other characters in the game world, collaboration and creative problem solving, plus many more social skills.  Group members will be challenged to build their confidence, learn and practice new skills, and make some friends along the way.

Social skills development will happen in the context of a fun and immersive game experience, so instead of dull repetition or stressful classwork, social skills can be gained naturally, as part of an enjoyable experience.

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy’s Personal Enrichment Adventures provide a chance to play, learn, and grow for anyone age 10 and up.  Sessions are run by internationally recognized game designer and professional Game Master, Mike Nystul.  Each session uses the world’s most popular roleplay game, Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition), to provide an interactive social experience for groups of 5-7 people (also known as an adventuring party).

Games are held on Zoom, so you’ll need decent internet, a device with a microphone and camera, and a desire for fun.

If you have a group to play with, great! If not, the Game Master will put together a group of peers (we have separate groups for kids, teens, and adults) for you to play with.  If you don’t click with your new group, that’s okay – we can put you with a new one.

Give yourself (or your child) a chance to grow, have fun, and have excellent adventures with others.

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