New! Assessments for Businesses and Executive Leaders

May 4, 2021

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy is thrilled to announce our newest service: Assessments for Businesses and Executive Leaders. Whether you run a small business or a large company, our psychologists can provide you with the insights you need to succeed.

Curious about what the process involves? Here are the steps.

Step One: Define Your Goals

First, we need to understand what you and your team need most. Our psychologists will ask you for 1-3 goals your business might have that you’d like the assessment to help achieve. For example, you might want to offer a team-building experience where everyone gets to know each other on a deeper level. Or, you might want to know more about each person’s individual strengths. You might even have some interoffice conflict or poor team cooperation that needs solving. No matter what challenge your team is facing, our assessments can help.

Step Two: Gathering Data

Based on your goals, our psychologist will send each person you’d like assessed a specific set of psychological tests to complete (along with information and confidentiality forms as appropriate). Your team members will be able to complete the testing on their own schedule.

Step Three: Analysis and Reporting

The tests will be interpreted and compiled into a written report by a licensed psychologist and assessment expert. This is where our assessment service dramatically differs from other online-only assessments. Rather than having a generic, computer-generated report, your report will be tailored to your particular business, unique business goals, and will also include recommendations based on the test results from your team members. Individual team members can also access to their own test results (if desired by the company).

Step Four: Implementing New Insights

Depending on your needs, your assessment psychologist can meet with your team (in-person or virtually) to discuss test results and have a discussion on how to implement changes in the company to increase communication and cohesion. You may also consider meeting with the psychologist to process certain team member dynamics and the psychologist will help your group navigate these dynamics using the test results. 

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