Sally Lineback, Ph.D.

Sally Lineback, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Practice Philosophy

Clients enter therapy for many reasons, but most are seeking support and change in some area of their lives. I believe that clients can grow and change most in a safe therapeutic relationship in which they feel important, heard, and valued. I seek to create that environment for all of my clients. My therapeutic style is warm and relational, and I value having an authentic connection with my clients. I find that clients also appreciate understanding the process of therapy, and I like to be transparent with clients about my approach and techniques, and why I think they are helpful.

There are a few different ideas that guide my work. I believe that insight into our past experiences and past relationships help us gain greater awareness of how we interact with others and cope with hardship in the present. In therapy, we can work together to find new ways of coping and interacting to help bring about positive changes in our lives. I also believe that clients benefit from gaining insight into their emotions and experiencing those emotions in the therapy room. I remain curious about my clients’ emotional experience in the present moment, and I work to help clients deepen, explore, and accept their emotional experience. Therapy can also be a valuable space to explore the impact of power, privilege, and oppression in clients’ lives and how these factors show up in the therapeutic relationship. In my work, I draw from psychodynamic, interpersonal, multicultural, and emotion-focused approaches

Whether you are seeking more immediate relief from your current symptoms, greater insight into the reasons behind your symptoms, or deeper personal exploration, we can work together collaboratively to plan for your therapy.

Areas of Interest:

Individuals who Identify as LGBTQIA

As a member of the community, I am passionate about providing a safe space where LGBTQIA-identified clients can heal, explore, and grow. I have worked with clients around many different issues, including coming out to family or deciding to transition; healing from discriminatory experiences; navigating relationships; and wondering how to balance their religious or spiritual beliefs with their identity. I have also worked with LGBTQIA-identified clients who come to therapy with concerns not closely related to their identity, but who want an affirming and safe space. I work with clients to explore their concerns and create positive change in their lives.

Social Justice and Cultural Sensitivity

Both personally and professionally, a large part of my identity involves being a social justice advocate. I know that client concerns are, many times, linked to power and privilege. I also believe that at times, clients’ reasons for seeking therapy are intertwined with experiences oppression or injustice. I create an environment where clients can explore those concerns. While deeply committed to social justice work, I also acknowledge that cultural sensitivity is a life-long process. I seek out and welcome new experiences to learn and grow.

College and Graduate Students

I have several years of experience working with college and graduate students. Many times, clients in this population are uncovering their passions and areas of study/work at the same time as they are exploring their identities and entering new relationships. This time of life can be a time of personal exploration, and I enjoy helping clients along their journey. In addition, many individuals in this stage of life find that ways they coped and interacted with their families are not as helpful in their adult lives. Working collaboratively, we can find ways of coping and interacting that are both authentic and adaptive.


I was raised in Tennessee and South Carolina and completed my undergraduate education at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. I graduated in 2007 summa cum laude. After graduation, I taught elementary school and worked at an education non-profit in Mississippi before deciding to pursue graduate studies in psychology. I entered the counseling psychology program at The University of Texas at Austin in 2012. During my clinical training, I worked at university counseling centers at Texas State and St. Edward’s, a community mental health agency, and a university career center. I completed my predoctoral internship at Texas A&M University, where I provided individual, couples, and group therapy, as well as crisis intervention. In all of my work, I have a particular passion for social justice and in providing a safe and healing space for members of marginalized communities. Outside of work, I enjoy connecting with friends and family, running, hiking Austin trails, watching women’s soccer and college football, and spending time with my wife and our two dogs.