Monette Woods, LPC

Monette Woods

Licensed Professional Counselor

EMDR/Trauma Specialty–Remote Therapy / Teletherapy Sessions Only

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Practice Philosophy

Effective therapy is based on three things; unconditional positive regard, empathy, and congruence. In my approach to therapy it is my goal to connect with you in a way that makes you feel heard, understood, and valued in a genuine and real way so that you are able to navigate through rough spots in your life. Whether you are feeling depressed, anxious, worthless, or just ambivalent about life and feel directionless- I can help you develop tools that will put you back on the path you want to be on or find relief from issues that are weighing on you. My approach is strengths-based and person-centered. I will make sure to tailor your therapy to your needs, mixing in other approaches as necessary.


My specialty is working with high achievers who may be suffering from Impostor Syndrome, those who may be feeling like a fake or a fraud in general. I help locate the origin of these feelings and reprocess them so that the feelings of inadequacy process differently and heal. I also hold a special place for those who have experienced trauma. Whether its abuse, neglect, or single event trauma, I am here to help you process it and heal from it.


Throughout my training I have counseled a variety of clients and disturbances. I have worked in crisis intervention with a community agency and worked collaboratively with many community resources in Austin. I have also worked in a hospital setting, assessing those who are in need of a higher level of care in an empathic and therapeutic way. I believe all these experiences have shaped me to be able to work well with all people and the things that may be interfering with the quality of life they desire.

I am also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which is a trauma focused therapy used to help reprocess trauma and unpleasant thoughts in general.

Remote Sessions / Tele-therapy

I am only taking clients who want to use remote sessions. Remote sessions save people time on travel to and from a therapy office to more-easily accommodate a busy work schedule. Remote sessions also prevent parents who stay home with children from having to find extra childcare to leave the home for sessions. Teletherapy allows those who travel frequently to maintain regular sessions.  Starting in October of 2019 I will no longer have a physical office space but will be providing tele-therapy (video chat, eTherapy, online counseling, etc.)  via the internet. It is much like FaceTime or Skype but with a HIPPA-compliant platform called Doxy to give extra confidentiality protection. You will need access to the internet, a private space in which you feel comfortable talking, and be a resident of Texas. Online therapy is not always the best fit for everyone–we can work together to determine if it is a good fit for you.